Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great fun at yet another party!

Outside at Eco Village

Gathering for prayers

Eco Village in Ithaca... a green living, self sustaining condo co-op.

Carrie, Me, Harry and Maya

Maya, Harry, Carrie & Carrie ( yes, little Carrie was named after my BFF Carrie )

Harry and Carrie had a blast at the party!

Vayda did face painting for the kids and Elanee kept her company.

What a great day... everyone gathered together and helped out with the party. Eco village had this community room where the party was and it has a big huge totally green kitchen.

So then... Sunday, we went to another Ayyam-i-Ha party in Ithaca. This was the party with the entire local Bahai community. It was alot of fun and the kids learned so much about the Bahai Faith. ( Carrie wants to become every religion we have learned about. lol )

Everytime we get together, we go to Wegmans

Our outing at the coffee shop... mmmm.... chai tea latte!

What a couple of hams!

??? lol

Look at my lovely asparagus!

WEGMANS in the middle of the night! lol. This trip was no different. After the big party at Carries and all the kids had cleared out or gone to bed, Carrie and I made a trip to Wegmans to buy our favorite food: asparagus! We have been going to Wegmans and reaking havoc since we were teens!

Vacation Again!?! Yes!

Harry & Elanee dancing up a storm!

What a cool dude!

Everyone loved dancin!

The teens were having fun avoiding grown ups!

Carrie Sue is was a dancin fool!

Vaydas friends hamming it up to the camera!

Our lovely host Carrie and her husband Jody!

So ok... now this is like the second time I went to NY this month, but this time I brought Harry and Carrie and we went to learn about another new religion! Carrie and her family are "Bahai's" and they celebrated Ayyam-i-Ha this past weekend. It is a time for all Bahais to come together to do charity, gift giving, hospitality, celebrate with each other and express over all good will toward one another. We were thrilled to have been invited to thier big Ayyam-i-Ha party!