Monday, September 29, 2008

Harry & Carrie Singing

This is an old video but I wanted to see if I could figure out how to get a video on my blog... it worked! Woo Hoo! So now check back for videos too! :-)

Stamping / Scrapping Monthly Group

I started a monthly scrapbooking and stamping group. We meet at my house and spend the evening eating, gossiping and stamping or scrapbooking. We have a BLAST! These are some of the cards I made. :-)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

At the game...

My dad and Alex (Harry's dad) watching the game.

Harry in uniform

#72 of the Cumberland Colts, Harry Sotomayor

The last football day!!! Woo Hoo!

Well Harry played football this year but quickly realized that he hated it. He didn't mind the football, just the contact! lol. Poor kid had bruised arms and legs and was not finding the hitting and tackeling to be much fun. He quit the team today, he has wanted to for some time but I told him he had to talk to the coach himself since it was his committment that he made. Finally today he got up the hootspa and talked to the coach. He thanked him and told him that it just wasn't his thing. The coach complimented him and away we went! Practices were intense... 2+ hours at least 3 nights per week and games on weekends. I am happy it is over too and I am proud of Harry for trying something new! :-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harry & Carrie are too silly!

Harry and Carrie... fun in front of the camera!


Hello and welcome to Heather's Hen House! I'm Heather! I have 3 awesome kids, Madison 13, Harry 10 and Carrie 7. We also have 2 dogs and 6 chickens! ( Hence the "hen house." ) I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now but haven't really had the time. Besides the 3 kids, 6 chickens and 2 dogs, I also have 4 jobs at the moment! Yes... I know... I'm crazy! lol. My jobs consist of manufacturing rubber stamps, right here in my basement, check the stamps out at Then, I work part time at a design company as an administrator, refer to The 3rd job is selling real estate... ALTHOUGH... this is my LAST year in RE. I hate it. So I am giving up real estate and with that in mind I took on my 4th career which is........ "The Wednesday Society." I started "The Wednesday Society" to help women live the lives they love and deserve! This is my passion, we have monthly meetings, and I do speaking engagements. This is a new venture but is coming together so easily and naturally that I know it is meant to be.
I hope you all enjoy the blog... I really wanted it mostly so that family and friends can check in and see what we are doing here in Cumberland, RI. Also, you will be able to see pictures of the kids and I don't have to email them to everyone! Woo Hoo! I hope you all enjoy the blog, check in often and say hi soon! Have a very happy fun filled day!
PS... Happiness is a choice, not a result!