Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I made this cake this weekend during our monthly scrap/stamp girls night. I had die cuts for the cake slices that I bought online, then I just decorated them with paper and flowers and brads! Viola! Looks great in my cake plate and now I have something to keep in there when I dont have real cake. I think it is too cute!

Heathers Homemade Hints....

Check out my new column of hints located in the right column of this page. Check back often to learn new tips on homemade organic products that are healthier for you and cheaper than you can buy! Todays homemade item is peppermint hair conditioner, scroll down and look in the right hand column to learn how to make your own!

Heather & Carrie

Heather & Carrie

What a fun weekend we had... we stamped til 4am Saturday and Sunday, ate too much junk food and talked and talked and talked and talked... you get the picture!

Visitors from NY

The whole gang



Carrie & Carrie

Carrie & Maya

The kids and I had "visitors" this weekend... we love company! My friend Carrie and her 3 daughters came Friday night and stayed til Monday afternoon. We all had a GREAT TIME! These are just some of the fun moments!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Harrys Drawings...

Here are 2 of Harry's most recent drawings.

What the kids do on Sunday!

Carrie is marbelizing paper.
Harry is playing football video games.
Madison is trying to nap.
Well after a hard day of pumpkin picking, the kids did what they do best on a Sunday afternoon. What you don't see is what MOM was doing... cleaning, cooking, tending to chickens, laundry and more! lol.

Pumpkin Picking!

This morning the kids and I picked up my dad and headed to the local farm to get pumpkins.

Autumnfest in Woonsocket!

Richard, Stacia, Carrie, My Mom & Harry
Richard, Harry & Stacia

Carrie, Harry & I

On Saturday, my mom, sister and I took the kids to Autumnfest. They had a great time!

I learned how to can things!

Well I learned how to can a couple weeks back. It is really enjoyable to me! I also realized that you need about 50 million apples to make a very small amount of applesauce or apple butter. I actually canned 3 pint jars of apple butter and 3 pint jars of applesauce. The stuff is sooooo good! Totally delicious and WAY healthier than the stuff the store tries to pass off as edible. Mine has NO artificial ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup and actually very little sugar but it is really sweet and very yummy!

The SKUNK that sprayed ME!!!

Funny thing about skunks... they dont like it if you run at them and scream! We put the trap out to catch a groundhog that has been eating our chicken feed and making a home in the coop. To our surprise, we came out in the morning after setting the live catch cage and we caught this adorable little baby skunk. All was fine, we opened the cage to release it, but it decided to try and run in to the chicken coop. Soooo, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to run at it while screaming "shoo shoo" noises so that it would not go in to the chicken coop. Well, you know what happened next... it sprayed me. uhg! After a day of washing and several showers with tomatos, all is well now. Hopefully next time we will catch the darn groundhog!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Harry's Homework

I found Harry's homework sitting on the table. This was actually his work to figure out one of his math problems. lol. He has such a great imagination! :-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crazy kids.... more dancing

Swingin Maddy!

Madison having fun on our tire swing!

Lazy Sunday

Today is rainy, cold and gloomy. The kids spent the day hanging inside and chillin out!

My "hens"

Kids in the coop!

The NEW coop!

Here is the upgraded chicken coop. Waaaay bigger!!! The chickens are so happy! :-)

The old coop!

These are pix of the "old" setup. I finally got around to remodeling the chicken coop! The chickens went from a tiny room with a nice run to a HUGE coop with a nice run! They LOVED the new space!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Madison & Eric

This is Madison and her friend Eric. They hung out today, then we dropped him back home and Madison and I went out shopping at "Whole Foods!" What an awesome awesome store!!! More on that later!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Heather's Hens

Well given the name of the blog... I thought I should at least show off my hens! We have 6 Rhode Island Red hens. They each lay 1 egg per day which is always more than we need so we give some away to friends and donate some to needy families.

Wieght Loss Class

Many of you know that I have been losing weight and getting healthy! With so many people asking me what I was doing, I decided to just teach a class on it. Last night was the first class, held at Keller Williams.
Harry and Carrie got to draw on the boards before class started. Then during class they quietly read books, they were really great!
As for the class, it was a success! We will be meeting for 6 weeks on Thursday nights. For those curious, the premise of the class is just eat healthy and exercise daily. Avoid processed foods or things that are un-natural. It is not a diet, there are no restrictions, just make better choices to live a healthier life!