Thursday, April 30, 2009


Harry wanted me to take him to see WWE Backlash for his birthday... so I did! We had so much fun! Harry LOVED seeing the wrestlers.


We had a great view of everything!

Ok... so this is MY favorite wrestler, Triple H. He is just so darn HOT! lol.

Dawn Visits...

My girlfriend Dawn came to visit over Easter weekend. We took the kids to Oakland Beach and let them run around... of course we also got dough boys at Iggys!

Nate found JELLYFISH EGGS on the edge of the water!!! SOOOO gross, but REALLY cool too! You could actually see little tiny fully formed jellyfish inside these clear jelly eggs. He took several with him to show off back home in a clear canning jar. I didn't even know jellyfish eggs existed!!!

Nate, Harry and Carrie having fun at the mall!

My friend Dawn and her daughter Gabby. :-) Fun weekend!

Vayda Visits!

One weekend while in NY we decided to kidnap Vayda and bring her to our house for a week. She had a great time and we enjoyed having her!
The girls had fun with the camera.

Strike a pose!

I took Vayda one day to get her nails done while my kids were in school. Vayda is home schooled so all she had to do all week was chill, create a facebook page and get her nails done! FUN!


Carrie and I went to Secaucus, NJ for a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event. Carrie was a particpant and I was a crew member. We had a blast! Carrie had a life changing experience and I as always enjoyed being part of the crew! I also walked on FIRE again!!! It was absolutely incredible! I think I forgot how strong I was for a little while. I remember now. ;-)

Here we are at the convention in front of the Firewalk display.

This is me with our roommate Shiloh. Shiloh is a wonderful young lady from NYC. She also had a life altering experience at Tony Robbins! ( I look tired because I got only about 2-3 hours of sleep most nights that we were there. Crew members had to be there much earlier than the participants and we had to stay later too.... but it was worth it! )

FINALLY.... an update!!!

Well the past couple months have been GO GO GO!!! So now, I am finally finding a moment to update the ol blog. Sorry folks, didn't mean to make you all wait so long! So here is what has been going on the past couple months.

So we went to visit Carrie several times, ok like 6 or 7 times in the past 3 months... thats right, we drove all the way to Upstate NY! ( I know... for your Rhode Islanders, that seems WAY insane! ) What a blast we had though!
One eve we did sneak out away from the kids and go eat Japanese food... it was awesome! Jody was with us too.... but you can see from this picture who REALLY matters! LOL