Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Kids

Merry Christmas from Madison, Harry & Carrie!!!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

What a great birthday I had! The kids all came in to wish me a Happy Birthday in the morning and through out the day would continue to recite Happy Birthday to mom! They made me feel special. In the eve, we went to dinner with my parents and sister to a local restaurant, it was great! Then after dinner the kids and I did some shopping, then to blockbuster to get movies and to McDonalds to get a birthday McFlurry! Now most of you know that I am opposed to fast food places but it was my birthday after all, so I did indulge in an Oreo McFlurry. Once a year cant hurt! MMMM... it was so yummmmmmy!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Happily decorating the Christmas tree and house. What fun we had hanging ornaments, decorating the house and enjoying the warm fire on Sunday, which was the first time it snowed this year! It was a great day!

More Art......

This is a picture that Harry did recently. I think it is awesome! The umbrella is Carrie's creation and very original. The umbrella was actually a crest that she turned upside down. Very creative and artistic kids I have!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Just to update you all....... I have lost 31 pounds! I love my life as a vegetarian... I will never ever eat meat again. So far, I have been a veg head for 4 1/2 months and it has been wonderful!

Yoga Carrie

While I was struggling with getting an 8 foot Christmas tree in the house, the kids grabbed the camera and I found yoga Carrie on the memory card! lol.

Oh Christmas Tree..........

Something is in the air this year... lol. I decided to get a REAL Christmas tree this year despite my allergy to them. I wanted to try it and see how it goes... how bad could it be right? So the kids and I went out, picked an 8 foot tree, strapped that baby to the roof of the jeep and headed home. Well so far no reaction to the tree, but GETTING it OFF jeep and INTO the house was another story! lol Harry and I got it off the roof and I carried it in the house. Then my dad came by a bit later and helped me put it in the stand. There really is no substitute for a real tree!

Blakes Birthday...

So our best friend Blake passed away almost 5 years ago. Nov. 30 was his birthday so Carrie and I honored him by spending his birthday weekend together... laughing, having fun, talking about him and acting like we all did when we were 16 together! Blakes partner Chris stopped by to visit us, we took this picture together and Blake was in the photo!!! There is a round "orb" above Chris and we know that it was Blake! I love and miss him and I am so happy he came to visit us.


Really??? Another tattoo? Yup! So Carrie got a wild hair and decides she wants a tattoo but wont do it alone. So I got one too. Carrie got a recycle sign on her ankle, I got a peace sign on my back. Crazy and spontaneous, but we had FUN! A couple of old moms hanging in the tattoo parlor was rather funny!


This year I decided to go visit my best friend Carrie for Thanksgiving. Her entire family went to visit extended family in NYC so she was alone. After eating Thanksgiving dinner with the family, I got in my car and drove to Romulus (where I went to high school) and spent the weekend with Carrie.

Happy Birthday Madison!

Every year I take Madison to a special event for her birthday. This year we went to NYC to see the Blue Man Group. We saw them before in Boston but Madison loved them so much she wanted to see them again so we went to NYC this time. It was a great time! We stayed over night, ate at "Pomme Frittes," rode the subway for the first time ever and met up with some friends in Manhattan! Madison had a great birthday!