Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Buddhist Shrine

I am teaching the kids about different cultures and religions. This week we are learning about India and Buddhism. We were going to go to a Buddhist service yesterday in New Bedford, MA but got snowed in. Tonight we learned how a Buddhist worships. We found out that Buddhists have shrines in thier homes and so we built our own. The kids picked out each special item and we already had the Buddha statue (hard to see in the picture because it is dark, but the Buddha statue is right between the candles.) We learned the significance for each item too.

Here is the link to build your own shrine: Buddhism for kids

Madison & Bella

Madisons new puppy... Bella Mae.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy Sunday

The kids are having FUN! We are getting lots of snow today... so far I think we have about a foot.

Snow Day

Last Thursday they cancelled school and we didn't even get any snow that day. They had predicted a storm so they cancelled school the night before and we got nothing. So the kids and I, with my mom, Richie and Richies friend Mike all went to Diamond Hill for snowboarding and sledding! My mom brought a carafe of hot cocoa, I tried snowboarding for the first time and the kids had a BLAST!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to school!

Next week I am heading back to school. I will be doing one semester at CCRI, then hopefully next fall heading to Rhode Island College (RIC) to finish my degree in Psychology. I am really looking forward to it. This semester I am only taking 1 class: Philosophy!

Harrys Art Blog...

Tonight I taught Harry how to make a blog, take pictures of his creations, edit them and then post them into his new blog. He is so proud to be a blogger now and he can't wait for everyone to see his artwork! Please check out his blog at:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harry got a..... HAIRCUT!!!

No way!!! Yup... the boy finally decided that he wanted his hair cut. Tonight we went to the mall and had it chopped off! What a handsome devil!

Carrie Sue had eye surgery 1/2/09

Carrie just after surgery, in recovery. Soooo sad looking... but woke up and didn't remember a thing!

I had to wear a hat like this too, and a mask! Carrie thought it was funny!

Carrie got to drive this SUV to the operating room!

We had fun coloring and watching a movie while waiting for surgery.

Finally going home! The wheelchair ride out was Carrie's favorite part!

After surgery, Carrie got to eat a popsicle.

In the waiting room... Mimzy came with Carrie.

Carrie in front of Hasbro Childrens Hospital.

Carrie had what we thought was a wart on her eyelid. The eye surgeon removed it and said it was not a wart after all, rather a sty that just grew huge. We had to be at the hospital at 7am and we were home by 11am. Carrie did great! She is so much happier too now that it is gone!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vegetarian Gift

My super groovy friend Dawn sent me a subscription to Vegetarian Magazine for my birthday! What a cool gift... it has recipes as well as lots of info! I love being a vegetarian and its nice having such good friends too!

Peace Chicken

My very talented artist friend Carrie made this book for me. It's a book to keep my thoughts and ideas. She knows how much I love my chickens, peace signs, tulips and meditating... hence the meditating peace chicken! lol. She painted this herself!

Christmas Day!

Carrie loves Hello Kitty~

Santa Came!!!

Frankie thinks its too early!

Santa brought Madison lots of clothes and make up!

Santa brought Harry a very cool 3 foot green puppet!

Later in the day, Janie, Papa, Stacia and Richie came over for dinner and to exchange gifts. Here Janie and Madison pose for a picture!

Stacia and Madison just attacked Richie with make-up.

Harry and his new puppet from Grandma Susan. He LOVES this guy!

Madison singing in Harry's new WWE microphone.

Christmas Eve at Papa and Janies House

Carrie and Daddy

Stacia, Cousin Michael and Me

Aunt Rita and Carrie

Snow Dogs

Boy o' boy did we ever get snow for Christmas!

A New Blog

I started a new blog for "The Wednesday Society." Check it out here: