Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh my... Maddys first day at a new school!

So Madison started at McCourt Middle in Cumberland this past Monday. So far so good. She says she hates it, but I know she doesn't. lol. She has already made new friends and has made a very smooth transition! I am SOOOOOO HAPPY!

Lucky me... we went to see STOMP!!!

My moms birthday is Feb. 28, my sisters is March 1 so for thier birthday I got us tickets to see STOMP. What a blast! Stomp was great... really loud and fun! After that we went to dinner at the Union Station in downtown Providence, the food was great! It was a great time for mom and daughters!

Indian food for Valentines Day!

On the Friday before Valentines Day I took a trip to visit Carrie in Upstate NY. ( we were both able to ditch the kids! ) We had a blast! She was closing her rubber stamp store and I hung out with her while she had her sale. On Saturday, Valentines Day, we finished up her sale, got all dolled up and headed out! We went visiting first so Carrie could bestow gifts upon her family. First to her moms, then to her brothers house. It was nice seeing her brother Greg again, havent seen him in years! Then Carrie and I headed out for Indian food where the young 20 something waiter totally macked on us. lol!!! However, for a couple of old moms.... it was rather flattering! After dinner we went back to her house and talked all night long which is always the case! It was a really fun weekend!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

I know I know... we all have on Patriots shirts! Well whatever, our team wasn't in it this year.

What a handsome Harry!

mmmmm.... superbowl party food!

I could NOT get a smile out of my mom and Carrie.... they only wanted to make faces and eat dough boys.

Janie and Carrie enjoying the junk food!